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The Beast
The mysterious Beast of Themiskyra 

Species: Wildcat. Or a wolf. Or a bear. Probably not a porcupine.

Diet: Delicious sheep

Age/sex/shoe-size: Unknown

Height: Quite small

Weapon of choice: Sharpened nails and teeth

While Queen Hippolyte and her senior warriors were away fighting the Battle of Faliara, a strange creature appeared on the outskirts of Themiskyra, and began attacking sheep. Ess and her friends set out on a mission to find and defeat the beast... but just what kind of creature could it be?

If you don't yet know the answer to this question, you should hurry up and read the rest of Chapter One! If you do know the Beast's true identity, and you want more information about this character, you can go here.

The Beast
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