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The Tenth Muse

Position: Renowned poetess, oligarch, and owner of the Sappho Academy at the University of Lesbos

Born: Eresos, Lesbos; 629 BC / 785th Year of the Amazon Queendom

Age: 34

Height: 144 cm

Sappho is the greatest lyric poet of her age, and part of a politically influential family on Lesbos. While she is a celebrity throughout the known world, it's less well known that she's extremely short, dark and cultivates an unusually boyish appearance. As well as teaching in her own academy, a recent addition to the University of Lesbos, she is an expert in dealing with Amazons, and acts as the island's main negotiator with the stubborn civilisation. It was in this capacity that she became close - very close, in fact - to Queen Hippolyte during a diplomatic visit a decade ago, and the passion still remains evident...


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