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  Pronunciation Guide  

Most of the character names in Amazoness! are Greek in origin. Some names, such as Hippolyte and Cyrene, have more than one possible modern pronunciation, but here's a rough guide to how all of the names would sound in Ancient Greek. You can also click on the names to hear an audio guide to pronunciation courtesy of the lovely Voice of the Amazons, Tazzy.

Ess ess
Androdameia andro-da-mey-ah
Pantariste pan-ta-ree-stay
Gatamache gatta-makkay
Hippolyte hee-po-luh-tay
Ekphobippe ek-fo-bee-pay
Cyrene kuh-ray-nay
Melanippe me-la-nee-pay
Deinomache day-no-makkay
Belanidi beh-la-nee-dee
Kerasi keh-ra-see
Berikoko berry-ko-ko

Disclaimer: I am by no means fluent in Greek, either Ancient or Modern. If you are, and you reckon that one or more of these pronunciations is suspect, please let us know!

© George Hutcheon 2007