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  Boobs Ahoy! - What's cooler than both pirates and lesbians? The answer is lesbian pirates.DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary - Comics by an awesome lady. Contains sexy stuffs.Dinosaur Comics - T-Rex is a pretty awesome guy.Girly - The charming story of one girl and her sidekick.Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy - The fashion for fat Magical Girls starts here.Gothy Beans - A fantastical union 'twixt goth and bean.
Hark! A Vagrant - An always-amusing set of comics about history, family and potato-shaped youth.Holy Bibble - Humour approved by the highest authority.Lemuria - Kind of a fantasy thing with lemurs and a big fat warrior maiden? YES.Pawn - The cute, perverted tale of a huge naked demon princess, and the scholar who seduces her...Precession - A butch girl. IN SPACE.Press Start - Gaming humour with a retro flavour
SSBM Adventure is a comic adaptation of Super Smash Bros. Melee's Adventure Mode, featuring the Ice Climbers!Ugly Girl - Here are some people I would like to hug.Unicorn Jelly - Absolutely the best fantasy webcomic there is. Are you listening, other fantasy webcomics? Be more like this one!Venus Envy - The tribulations of a transgendered girl. One of the most charming comics I've read.VG Cats - Video game related shenanigans in the comic whose update schedule makes even me look good.xkcd - The nerd humour comic that is currently the subject of an inexplicable backlash!
Sites that aren't comics but are still awesome
  Suburban Senshi - My spiritual home. Meet the cast of Sailor Moon, ten years on.Project WikiMoon - The Sailor Moon wiki on which I am an (increasingly sluggish) admin.Genvid - Powered by a pure and potent evil, it's the number one source for Sailor Moon news.A brand new blog for Sailor Moon news! Sounds interesting, no?
Yuricon - Fancy some more yuri in your con? Why not visit Yuricon?Lililicious - Translators of much yuri anime and manga. THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS WORK CANNOT BE UNDERESTIMATED.The Comics Curmudgeon - Becuase the newspaper 'funnies' aren't often deserving of that title.Dr Karl's Homepage - Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is a polymath and a great guy. Go and listen to his 'Great Moments in Science' series.
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