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The Goddess of Love

Position: Olympian Goddess of love, lust, beauty and copping off.

Born: A seashell off the coast of Paphos

Age: Timeless

Height: Almost as tall as Artemis.

Weapon of Choice: Sex appeal(?)

Aphrodite is the cheery but dense Olympian Goddess of Love. Despite her highly unconventional origins (something about a penis that was thrown into the sea?), she has risen to become one of the most popular deities, perhaps because her preferred form of worship is having sex. Personality-wise, she's a flamboyant optimist who believes that love can overcome any boundary. She's also surprisingly ditzy for an omniscient being, and her cheerfulness has been known to grate... but since she's also the personification of ultimate beauty, this has never really been a problem for her.

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