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  About the Comic  

The Ancient Greeks once wrote of a race of fierce warrior women living in the territory that is now known as Turkey. They called these warriors the Amazons. But Ancient Greek historians were a rather jingoistic bunch on the whole, and a distressing number of these legends involved big, strapping Greek men defeating and seducing the Amazons, sometimes at the same time.

Now, the truth will be told.

For the first time ever, here is the true story of the Amazons. Travel back to the year 595 BC, to the banks of the River Thermodon, where the Amazons have built their stronghold, the city of Themiskyra. And meet Ess, the Amazon princess who, in an era of large-scale war and even larger-scale women, feels distinctly out of place.


The comic is updated twice-weekly, on Mondays and Fridays.


 The Author

The comic is written and drawn by puny male non-combatant George Hutcheon. When not working on the comic, he can usually be found gaming or obsessing over some small detail in decade-old magical girl series. That's the kind of cool guy he is. He has been called a "man-hating lesbian" on internet forums twice in the past, and is hoping to extend that record by producing this comic. He likes writing about himself in the third person.



How is Amazoness! put together?
Via a complex combination of bad ideas and rushed artwork. But for a more indepth analysis, go here.

How do I pronounce the names of the characters?
We've put together a pronunciation guide, complete with audio samples, to help with pronouncing those tricky Greek names.

© George Hutcheon 2007