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27/06/08 I apologise for nothing!
As the creator of this comic, I reserve the right, every now and again, to make a stupid joke about language. Even if said joke doesn't really make sense when you analyse it. It's my right, damn it!

Anyway, you may be relieved to know that I haven't spent all of the last four days on the above comic (It's because they speak Greek! Do you see?), and I have in fact made some additions to the site. We have a new page, Extras, upon which you can find... extra stuff. Art, really, plus wallpapers and also any fanart that I may ultimately be sent. There's not really any new stuff on there yet, but I wanted a page where I could keep all of this stuff together. Also, yes, I did have to add that 'Extras' link to every single page on this site, manually. This is because I suck at websites.

Hey, what about Super Smash Sisters? You didn't think I was going to neglect my very favourite Smash characters of all, did you?

Berikoko IS Popo! Kerasi IS Nana!

This, of course, is the final instalment of Super Smash Sisters.


I've forgotten someone, you say?

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