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  94 - Missunderstanding (sic)  
  Missunderstanding (sic)  
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16/06/08 Still technically on time in Hawaii!
Again I'm updating at the end of the day rather than at the beginning. I had a lot of problems with this comic, both art-wise and dialogue-wise (which is pretty sad, considering it's basically a penis joke). But anyway, here it is. Just about the only bit of it I'm proud of is the title, but even that's borrowed from a Super Furry Animals song. Like about 20% of my comic titles, actually...

Incidentally, the shoutbox security has been changed again. The prior system was pretty good, but one spammer was still getting through somehow. Actual questions seem to work better in my experience, although there's the risk that they'll put off newbies. Don't be put off, guys! The answer is Ess.

It's time for Super Smash Sisters part nine. As the European release of Brawl grows ever closer, and my hopes that my brother won't object to my hogging his Wii the second it comes out grow ever larger... perhaps it's time for some third-party fun?

Tryphosa IS Snake!

I am a little distressed at how natural she looks in that outfit.
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