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  93 - Strange Love  
  Strange Love  
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13/06/08 Genesis of the aftermath
Usually I try to update earlier in the day than this. But I have two excuses! I was tied up with important, non-comic-related stuff until last night, and also... this comic is very big indeed. It may be my biggest so far.

And now, a plug! As you may have picked up from certain cues in the comic (*cough* Ekphobippe *cough*), I have a fondness for the classic anime series Sailor Moon. For anyone who hasn't seen it, or only has vague recollections of the dubbed version: it's an anime from the early nineties in the magical girl genre... in fact, it more or less redefined the genre. It's a fun series with a good mixture of comedy, drama and cheese... but at 200 episodes, it's a big commitment. I know quite a few people who have been meaning to watch it for the last few years, but are continually put off by the length of it. Well now, you no longer have an excuse! Suburban Senshi, my spiritual home, will be screening the original subtitled version of the series in twice-weekly showings... and you, yes, you, will be able to watch it and comment on the proceedings, MST3K style! (Well, okay, it's a text-based interface, but it's almost the same.) Here is where the fun will begin... at 8pm EST on Sunday. This project is being run by the shoutbox's very own starcat. If you're interested in any way, feel free to drop by on Sunday, or visit the Suburban Senshi chatbox right now! It's a sort of faux-IRC thing... basically the same as IRC only prettier and with less people talking about Linux.

Anyway, to make up for my lateness today, here's the edition of Super Smash Sisters that you've all been waiting for...

Melanippe IS Zero Suit Samus!

Speaking as a Metroid fan, let me say this. If Samus looked like this, she would be ten times more awesome.
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