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  92 - Not the Girl You Think You Are  
  Not the Girl You Think You Are  
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09/06/08 Hey! HEY! Not safe for wo... oh, too late.
Well, er... there you have it. If I had a hat then I'd tip it to Greyman, a contributor to the shoutbox who actually predicted this plot twist back at Comic 76. About a week ago was when the dam really started to break, and at this point I'm not sure there are many regular readers who are really going to be surprised by this.

While I'm anxious not to give away anything still to come, there are one or two things I want to point out regarding this latest twist in the story. I'll admit it: if an ordinary comic had pulled this sort of thing (ie, one girl in an apparently lesbian couple turns out to be a guy), I'd be pissed off and yelling "cop out" in my loudest internet voice. I'm a battle-hardened yuri fan who's been burnt before, so there's a part of me that's worried I'm putting off readers with similar inclinations to my own. So let me just say this: for better or worse, this is not an ordinary comic. Maybe some of you have already figured out where I'm ultimately going with this. To everyone else, I can only say "keep reading" and hope that you do...

But wait! There's more! Today I am in the unusual position of having not one but two pieces of bonus art to bestow upon your retinas. As well as the usual update to Super Smash Sisters, I have a true first to show you... fanart! Yeah, I'm as surprised as you. But starcat of shoutbox fame has seen fit to contribute this adorable image of Ess, and the probable contents of her dreams...

Art by starcat 

Meanwhile, instalment number seven of Super Smash Sisters is... right here! This time it's Ekphobippe who gets to play dress-up...   

Ekphobippe IS Pit!

That is all for today, from the comic that today brought you visible nipples for the very first time. Amazoness! returns on Friday, when... perhaps Eutropia will have some explaining to do?
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