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  89 - Begin Again  
  Begin Again  
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30/05/08 Begin again, right from the start
I had such grand plans for this comic, and yet it's turned out to be very flat-looking indeed. Bleh. The next one will be better, honest!

On a more positive note, it's the end of May, which has been a really special month for the comic in various ways. It's seen the first anniversary of the comic, the 100,000th hit, and it's been the most successful month in terms of hits to date. In addition, I finally seem to have snapped out of my hiatus-inducing malaise. So on the whole, I'm glad to be writing these words that will be read by a small number of people who scroll to the area beneath the comic itself. I'm aware of my comic's shortcomings, probably more so than even the harshest critic, but it's a story that I dearly love, and I will do my damnedest to tell it via whatever shaky and amateurish means are at my disposal!

Hey, we haven't seen Eutropia for a few comics, have we? Well, to make up for it, here she is as the fourth character in Super Smash Sisters.

Eutropia IS Peach!

Princess Peach's dress actually has some really fiddly details on that I left off here, because trying to add them would have turned me into a nervous wreck (well, you know, more of one). I also tried a new shading technique for the first time in this picture. Probably not something I'll use in the comic, because it's a bit time-consuming, but it's a nice tool for one-offs like this.

Enough babble. See you Monday!

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