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  Xanthippe's Shadow  
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26/05/08 Intelligent discourse
Okay, I'll admit it. I have an undue fondness for the term "nipple-height". Originally this newspost was going to contain a lengthy argument on the strange status that our society has elevated the female nipple to... but when I read it back, it looked like a thinly-veiled plea for people to show me their nipples. I can probably do without the sort of reputation that would get me.

Next order of business is the third instalment of Super Smash Sisters. If Androdameia is Mario, perhaps it's only logical that Pantariste is Wario. I discovered a few interesting things while working on this picture. Wario, as you're likely aware, has highly exaggerated proportions, with a huge head and tiny little legs. Since Pantariste's proportions are closer to the norm, I discovered that her lower half in this picture seems comparatively featureless. Wario's legs maybe account for a fifth of his total height, as opposed to around half, as in this picture. So, um, there you go. I think I just blamed Nintendo for my picture looking unbalanced. Yeah, Nintendo. You should be very ashamed of yourselves.

Pantariste IS Wario!

Well, hello again! Were down at the bottom of the page now, and you might notice something different about the place. That's right, the banner's gone. Almost since this site began, I've been a member of the Subculture of One clique, a sort of banner exchange job with the focus on female-heavy content. Now, if I'm being honest, it didn't always work out that well. It took up a fairly large amount of space in comparison to the very small number of hits it got me, the weighting system meant that it was almost always plugging Penny and Aggie, a comic that I've never really been fussed with, and in recent weeks it was usually broken. But I stuck with it because, well, it was a nice idea in principle. Recently I was told that the exchange was moving hosts due to the amount of bandwidth it was eating. I signed up at the new host, and for the last few days all went well... until I was contacted again yesterday, and told me that my site had been rejected. It seemed to be an automatic mail, so there was no indication as to why. My initial suspicion - that my gender was to blame - was allayed by the fact that the male-authored Penny and Aggie is still part of the system. Attempts to look into the matter further failed when I discovered that my account had already been deleted. Therefore I can only really assume that the admin simply doesn't like my comic... which, honestly, is fair enough. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit hurt by the way this has happened, but that's the way it goes. As of right now, we have no banner at the foot of the page, and the place looks marginally tidier as a result. In time, I may look into Project Wonderful, but right now I don't think my traffic is high enough to justify it, and those empty ad-boxes can look rather ugly.

Anyway, more fun on Friday. Isn't it nice that I've started updating on time again? For now. Best not tempt fate, hmm?

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