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  87 - Statuesque  
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23/05/08 (Nid) Hon Yw'r Gân Sy'n Mynd I Achub Yr Iaith
This was one of those comics that I dread doing... yep, because it has a background that actually requires some thought. But unlike Comic 29, which had a great big background that took a ridiculous amount of planning and ultimately ended up looking crap anyway, this one seems to have turned out okay. I'm not sure why: maybe I'm getting closer to the happy medium between "slapdash" and "absurdly geometric".

And now to the second picture of Super Smash Sisters! Belanidi as Link... I really like this one. The shield came out especially well, although it does underline how dull and featureless my own designs are in comparison to those of, you know, actual artists. Still, I'm quite happy to have achieved something like this even if it mainly involved copying someone else's art and putting a different head on it. Oh, and boobs. Can't forget those. In fact, that reminds me...

In my errant youth, I wasn't much of a fantasy gamer, and although I had a SNES, the Zelda games were more or less unknown to me, my only exposure to them being from boxart and seeing a friend's brother playing A Link to the Past on one occasion. And what with Link being the fairly androgynous Rice Krispie elf that he is, and the series being called Zelda... I made the obvious conclusion, and for many years believed that the main character of the Zelda games was a blonde girl in a green hat called Zelda. Yes, I know. Such confessions are enough to get one Gannon-banned from the whole internet, but I feel I can trust you.

Actually, now that I think about it... wouldn't the Zelda games have been better if Link was a girl? Imagine if, at the end of the first game, he takes off his bindings and it turns out it was a girl all along. That would be awesome. Like the ending to Metroid, although this would be even better because Samus never rescued any princesses. Although she should have done.

Anyway, back on Monday. I have to contact the makers of Zelda and Metroid with some ideas.

Belanidi IS Link!

  What a waste, what a waste, but I don't mind!  
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