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  83 - Run Away  
  Run Away  
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10/05/08 That's what I did today...
Not much to say today, except for two things. Okay, let me rephrase that. I have two things to say today!

First thing: The first anniversary of Amazoness! is tomorrow. That's right, the comic started on the 11th of May, 2007. Uh, yay for us.

Second thing: There was a great article in The Guardian about the whole Lesbian/lesbian thing the other day... and here it is! It's quite insightful, funny in parts and rather poignant in others (I'm particularly thinking about "I could easily be a lesbian if I was younger. It would be far easier. Those women are lovely and I have a horrible husband.") It also confirms my longstanding view that Channel 5 is run by idiots. Weirdly though, the article states Sappho committing suicide as if it were a fact, and even more weirdly they claim it happened in Eresos, rather than Leukas as the myth generally states. Maybe I'll have to brush up on my classical history... Anyway, it is a good article, and it's nice to know that, rightwing nuts aside, there's a lot of love between Lesbians and lesbians.
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