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  78 - Love, Amazon Style  
  Love, Amazon Style  
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12/04/08 Where bears in the woods are chased by Grecian Formula'd bald eagles...
Quite an enjoyable one to draw, this, although the backgrounds presented me with all manner of logistical problems. Anyway, this is the first time Hippolyte has appeared in something like twenty comics! I have a certain fondness for comics that involve cutting quickly between multiple characters, because it makes for a lot variety in the art.

It's come to my attention that the first anniversary of this comic is only one month away. This should probably be marked in some manner or other... but how? One thing I'd like to do is get some decent wallpapers made (only one wallpaper exists so far, and the link to it is buried in the archive somewhere)... but what else? If you have any thoughts, you can leave them in the shoutbox (or even the forums, if you're especially brave and/or long-winded).
  Experiments with the rear ends of horses failed, and women were deemed "too silly" for space.  
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