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  76 - Untouchable  
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05/04/08 He's back... with the punctuality of Scott Ramsoomair and the mental stability of Piro.  
I appreciate my readers, I really do. I thought I'd better put that in writing, because it's not always obvious from my actions... I disappear for ages and then reward your patience with a comic that doesn't have any jokes in it.

Part of the delay was just caused by my unpredictable schedule and some really awful art equipment (never buy your pens from Wilkinson's. Sure, they look identical to the regular ones and they're a lot cheaper, but don't do it. They will bleed ink all over your sketches) but also the fact that this was a difficult comic to do well. It's a very necessary comic, in the scheme of the overall plot, but it was hard to write in a way that didn't make it look like Androdameia was acting inappropriately.

There are still some things I like about it, though. The background is nice, and the candlelight effect actually works much better than I ever dared to hope. On the other hand, some of the character art is really bad. Sorry about that.

So, I have the next comic all sketched out and ready to be inked. Also I have some new pens that aren't from Wilkinson's (honestly, Wilkinson's, I enjoy your overpriced sandwiches, but you should stay out of the art supplies market). This means that the next comic should actually be on time. Also, there's a joke in it! Woooo!
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