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  75 - Songs of Couch and Consultation  
  Songs of Couch and Consultation  
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14/03/08 I've got the will to fail, the will to faaaaaail!  
If you were to calculate the amount of this comic taken up by text, and the amount that was pictures, I suspect it would be close to 50/50. That is not a good ratio.

Anyway, I'm going to break from tradition today and talk specifically about the title of the comic. Often the titles are bad puns or (where I couldn't think of anything better) plainly descriptive. But there's another category: strange references that will likely make sense to very few people. And this is one of then.

Songs of Couch and Consultation is the name of perhaps one of the oddest albums ever produced. Made in 1957, it's an album of wacky novelty songs about... er... psychiatric problems. Titles include The Will to Fail (which is actually rather good, and I would probably have as my theme song if I was... I dunno, a wrestler or something. I can't think of many professions where one has a personal theme song), Repressed Hostility Blues, Schizophrenic Moon, and I Can't Get Adjusted to the You Who Got Adjusted to Me, which could almost be the title of a Vandals track. The whole thing is in somewhat questionable taste, but it's so relentlessly cheery that it's hard to dislike. I did once hear that the album had been put together by a psychiatrist based on the case notes of various clients... Sadly I haven't been able to verify if this was really the case, but if true then it would add a whole new level of inappropriateness to the proceedings. "You know all that confidential stuff you told me? Well, I used it to make this novelty record."
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