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  74 - The Omega Woman  
  The Omega Woman  
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06/03/08 And hi there, baby, you've been dreaming.  
Uh, yeah. This comic was supposed to be up on Monday. In my defence, it's got quite a lot going on. Ten panels is a lot, really! But on the other hand, the art isn't that great, and I really could have handled those big chunks of text better. Oh well.

This comic is more exposition-y than funny, but I suppose this is what happens once you get more heavily into storylines. It's probably my least favourite class of comic to produce, since I sometimes feel I'm cheating people who are coming here expecting teh funniez. There are a few more of these to come in the next few weeks, but also some more comedy based ones that I've really enjoyed writing.

My request for Facebook contacts netted me two new ones! Yay! But they're both people who I knew before Amazoness! even started! Uh, a smaller yay. I have actually improved my Facebook page a bit, although it still has that picture of me standing and looking like a wazzock. Anyway, come and join up if you want to be the friend of a lovely person.*

*I'm trying to pull off a sort of solo-Googlebomb here. Yes, 'lovely person' is actually the best I could come up with.
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