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  70 - If You Only Think You Can  
  If You Only Think You Can  
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29/01/08 OMG Cell-shaded Ess confirmed for Brawl!!!!!  
It seems that I'm always apologising for late/missed updates recently. Well, um, yeah. Sorry. This might not be the most spectacular comic, but it took a long time to get it to a point where I was satisfied with it. Well... satisfied enough to post it. I'll cut short my excuse at this point, unless you want me to go into agonising detail about the lousy week I've had. You don't want me to do that, honestly.

Meanwhile, I've been following the stream of new information about Super Smash Bros. Brawl with interest. The official Japanese release isn't for another few days, but a lucky few have got hold of copies, and there are spoilers aplenty for those who wish to partake of such forbidden pleasures. As a European, I'll probably be getting the game around this time next year, so I'm thoroughly happy to be spoiled now. I'll discuss this more in the forums for anyone who actually cares about this subject... but... woo, Brawl.

And woo, Ice Climbers.


Ice Climbers. SO DAMN CUTE.

So... damn... cute.

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