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  7- Weapon of Choice  
  Weapon of Choice  
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  01/06/07 It's always the quiet ones  
  With this comic, we meet Melanippe, the blacksmith (and my 'new character' binge ends. For now). The big girl from Gotaland - yep, she's a Goth in the traditional sense - is actually my favourite character to draw. Mind you, she does present certain challenges. A lot of comicking is about getting as much expression as possible out of your characters... after all, they're images on a page. They can't speak or move. Melanippe is kind of the opposite of that. She's based off that sort of person who has an unreadable expression at all times. There's a sense of both inertness and power about such people. What's she thinking? She could be planning your murder. Or she could have fallen asleep with her eyes open. Actually, no, wait. She wouldn't do that. I've seen people do that and it's kind of gross.

At the moment, I'm working on some genuine content to go in the ponderously titled About section, which is embarrassingly empty right now. I'm not sure which addition I'll finish first, but in the meantime let me just say that the lack of variety in Greek fonts is staggering. Somebody should do something about it. I volunteer the Greeks.

And finally... a much-deserved shout out to Press Start, a fun retrogaming comic. I feel a sense of kinship with this comic, as we both feature characters with no pupils in their eyes. Seriously, look closely. Irises but no pupils. Creepy.
  Marijuana? It's harmless really, unless you fashion it into a club and beat somebody over the head with it.  
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