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  68 - The People Under the Stairs  
  The People Under the Stairs  
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18/01/08 I like to move it, move it.  
The word for today is hierodule. Incidentally, there were apparently hierodules dedicated to Artemis as well, although it's generally seen as being more Aphrodite's thing. See? This comic can be educational, even if it's mainly to do with naughty stuff.

Anyway... that's the chaos of the server move dealt with. It was a pain to do, but the site now has masses of bandwidth, and I can start plugging again without the fear of running over my limit.

One casualty of the move was, unfortunately, the forums. Luckily, they weren't especially busy, so I decided to simply start them anew. Already they're starting to show more promise than the original forums did, so if you have a comment regarding the comic that requires more than 200 characters, join today!

Oh, and having mentioned the shoutbox (which I did, kind of), a solution to the spam problem is being worked on by a friend of the site (well, more just a friend of me, since I'm not sure it's strictly possible to befriend websites).
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