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  67 - Late? Again?  
  Late? Again?  
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11/01/08 Parting is such shite sorrow  
I think this might be my first self-referential comic title...

Anyway, to business. For various reasons that I'll probably elaborate on another time, this site will be moving hosts very soon... Probably Sunday if all goes well. This is an enormous hassle, but hopefully things won't be affected too badly. If everything goes to plan, you won't really notice any difference. The only real issue I foresee is regarding the forums. Hopefully I'll be able to pack them up and put them back up at our new location. What this means is that they'll become inaccessible for a while around Sunday/Monday time. Since they're barely touched as it is, this probably won't inconvenience any users too much.

Come back on Monday when... the site will have a new home? Well, maybe. Let's hope I don't mess things up...

UPDATE: If you're reading this, then we've moved. Also, this means that the forums are, in all probability, knackered until further notice.

UPDATE 2: Due to apparently irreconcilable differences between the two servers, I haven't been able to transfer the old database across. Instead, I've decided to start the forums anew. My apologies to anyone who posted in them... although perhaps in this new incarnation, they'll be more of a success. Anyway, I can't stand here chatting: I have to hurry up and re-install the security question mod before the first wave of spam signups...

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