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  65 - The Teacher and the Creature  
  The Teacher and the Creature  
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05/01/08 Secrets from the future  
And thus, I start the new year with an update that was later than expected. Appropriate, no?

Will 2008 be a year of great things for this comic? Or will it be remembered as the year it jumped the shark after the glory days of the first one-and-a-bit chapters? Let's look into the future...

  Tryphosa and Eutropia join the cast  
549 votes  
  Largo quits the comic  
425 votes  
  Chapter 3  
319 votes  
  Same Character, Different Actor (Cher joins cast as Deinomache)  
240 votes  
  Jokes about wee  
143 votes  
  Inexplicable gratuitous nudity  
126 votes  
  Ted McGinley  
96 votes  
  Pantariste and Belanidi get married  
42 votes  
  Turns out it was just a kid all along  
13 votes  
  Never jumped  
1 vote  

And leaving you with that chilling vision of a dystopian world yet to come, it just remains for me to say... See you Monday!

  Shut up, Ronan, you sound like a goose.  
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