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  64 - Confounded Expactations  
  Confounded Expectations  
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31/12/07 And thence the humour arose...  
So, uh, yeah. Happy New Year, I suppose.

I am pretty glad to see a new year drawing in... or at the very least, a new month, since I've been cutting the bandwidth pretty fine in December. Looks like I'll have to invest in some more for the coming months. It's a prospect both irritating and yet pleasing, since when this site first launched in May I never dreamed I'd be using 10 gigs a month by the end of the year. So, a sincere thanks to all of this comic's readers (or at least, the ones who come back). I know the quality is highly variable and it seems I'm late as often as I'm on time, but it's a pleasure to tell this dumb story and to read your comments.

Wow, that was uncharacteristically upbeat for me. A new outlook for the new year, perhaps?

Nah, I'll be back to my miserable self come Friday. Look forward to it!
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