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  63 - Welcome to the Lion's Den  
  Welcome to the Lion's Den  
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28/12/07 Free Radio Themiskyra  
The above comic originally called for Androdameia to say "We believe in honour and and chivalry," but these days it's pretty much impossible to use the word 'honour' without sounding like a badly-written Klingon.

One of the best things about this time of year is the sudden appearance of a host of pirate radio stations. What with the current woeful state of radio in this country, I'd quite forgotten that I used to enjoy listening to the radio. So short of finding a way to bring John Peel back to life, discovering the distinguished Merseyland Alternative Radio is the best thing I could have done (How distinguished? Well, my dad was a listener when he was younger than I am now). Over the last few hours I've been listening to the Dead Kennedys, Weird Al, Half Man Half Biscuit and even John Otway's excellent Headbutts, which I'd completely forgotten about. With this in mind, I was even prepared to overlook Stairway to Heaven being played twice in the space of an hour.

I suppose I'd always thought of pirate radio as a relic of the past, but I think it's needed now almost as much as ever. With the recent decline of music radio in the UK, I've more or less stopped listening to new music altogether. So here's to the dedicated pirates out there, risking all manner of harassment just for providing a free public service. It doesn't go unappreciated.
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