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  60 - Sweet Home Themiskyra  
  Sweet Home Themiskyra  
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17/12/07 No more heroes anymore  
Poor Tryphosa, finally getting to see Themiskyra, only to discover that the Amazons don't quite live up to the myths. Not that baby-killing and virgin-sacrificing are to be approved of, but they're pretty much staples of any mythical, ruthless warrior civilisation. Genghis Khan probably really liked babies, but I bet he pretended not to in order to look cool.

The main inspiration for this comic is the fact that there are far too many myths about the Amazons for me to include them all in my version of the civilisation. A lot of them contradict the others, and some of them just wouldn't work well with the comic... so, as I've said before, I've chosen my mythical sources carefully. In a way this comic is a handy reference for the various myths that don't apply to our Amazons. Although I think the one who'd be happiest with this knowledge is Eutropia. I expect she'd be a lot more comfortable if she knew that Androdameia wasn't actually intending to eat her.

Well, not in the literal sense, anyway.

What? Come on, you were all thinking the same thing, right?
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