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  6 - Hard Work  
  Hard Work  
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  28/05/07 Safety Dance  
  I think that if I was Queen of the Amazons (which would be impossible for at least twenty-seven different reasons that I can think of), getting my slaves to hit me on the back with hammers would be one of the best parts of my job. When Amazons relax, they relax hard.

Incidentally, I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not the above comic is "work safe" or not. Because while there isn't any actual nudity, I still think the image of a huge, topless, middle-aged woman apparently engaging in some sort of weird masochistic ritual with two other women would be a hard one to explain to your boss. Even though the truth of the situation is relatively innocent, the picture encompasses so many potential fetishes that it's going to appear highly suspect to all but the most broad-minded of bosses. So, in conclusion, this comic probably isn't work safe after all. Uh, actually, maybe I should have put that at the top. You know, before you got to the comic. Sorry. I hope, at the very least, they give you good references.

In other news, hi to anyone who's been at Fanime in San Jose over the weekend (Considering the current readership of this site, I'm guessing it won't be a large number of people). I haven't been there - wrong country - but the love of my life has, along with her scary friends. Here's hoping a good time was had by all. I see from their website that the voice of Dejiko and the creator of Real Life (not the same person, unless that's very good makeup) were there. I also see that they failed to print out the schedules in time for the con. Silly buggers. Here's to anime cons - a celebration of ineptitude!
  For what is a line dance, if not a queue possessed of a demon?  
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