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  59 - Parental Guidance  
  Parental Guidance  
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14/12/07 For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.  
I haven't even played Portal, and yet still I have the end credits song stuck in my head. There's something about cheery, passive-aggressive, murderous computers that appeals to me on a very basic level, I suppose.

Not much to say about this comic, anyway... except that it's nice to be doing slightly shorter strips again. The flashback series was fun, but damn in, they took an age to draw. Herein lies the fundamental conflict between my artist side, which wants to keep the comics at a halfway-manageable size, and my writer side, which wants to include as much nebulous and unnecessary dialogue as possible. In most cases, a compromise is reached and both walk away muttering quietly, swearing eventual bloody vengeance.

Come back on Monday for a strip that might include an actual background, if I can manage to draw it, and more commentaries that cast my mental health in a highly questionable light!
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