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  58 - The Gift That Keeps Giving  
  The Gift That Keeps Giving  
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10/12/07 But look at me now, I'm a receiver that's receiving...  
Wooo, meet the new characters. Expect some artistic weirdness over the next few weeks as I struggle to develop a consistent style with them. Also, what about that flower? Sure, I like it now, but after a few comics I expect it'll become my number one most hated thing to draw... deposing the previous holder of the title, which was Deinomache's face. For anyone who cares, the flower was modelled after a Madonna lily (Lilium candidum, for my vast botanist fanbase). Expect it too look less and less like one as the weeks go by.

New pages have been added in the Cast section for the two newcomers... although don't expect them to contain much information at this very early point. It's because I don't want to give away spoilers. It's certainly not because I'm lazy and put off writing the bios until this morning, at which point I thought, "sod it."

Anyway, it sort of feels nice to do this comic, which introduces the last of the main cast that I devised way back before this insanity began. This might actually be the first project I've ever done where I haven't quit before everyone was introduced. So, I hope you like the new characters, even though with just four lines of dialogue between them, one of which is just an odd noise, it's probably difficult to form an opinion at this stage. More fun to come on Friday. See you then (assuming you like this site, or at least dislike it to the point where you occasionally check it out of morbid curiosity).
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