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  57 - Spoils of War  
  Spoils of War  
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  07/12/07 Blaaarg  
What a day it's been. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say, my disdain for the Season To Be Jolly is alive and well.

For any of you who frequent my forums, which do still technically exist, a question has been posed. I've been asked about merchandise of the comic. It's not something I'd been considering too seriously up until this point, so I'm looking for opinions on what sort of things, if any, people would be interested in. If you aren't interested in joining the forums, or the graveyard-like chill of silence that pervades them is scaring you away, I guess you could post in the shoutbox about it. But, uh, the forums are better. For some reason.

Next time: watch in awe as the artist struggles to draw new characters!
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