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  56 - War Stories: Melanippe's Tale  
  War Stories: Melanippe's Tale  
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  03/12/07 A cautionary tale  
A sobering story to finish off this mini-series. Let this be a lesson to all those of you who are thinking of starting your own factional campaigns. War isn't all fun. Sometimes, stuff gets chipped.

This was another ridiculously large comic for me to put together, but I don't get to draw Melanippe that often, and I got a lovely full length picture out of it that I can use on a wallpaper or something, when I get round to making some. It's a fairly badly-kept secret that Melanippe is my favourite character, which is one of the reasons why she doesn't appear in the comic all that often: if she was around all the time, everyone would get sick of her pretty damn fast, especially as I really can't trust myself not to slip into Mary Sue territory with a character I love so much. It would still be awesome, but probably only for me.

Meanwhile, I've made some changes to the site, principally relating to the Cast section. I've got rid of the popup windows, and each character's section now lists their appearances so far. Gatamache has been added to the lineup, and I've re-drawn some of the statue heads, as they were increasingly out of step with how I actually draw the characters now. You'll also notice that each comic now features links, in the form of those chibi-sprite things up above, to the character pages of everyone who appears in the comic. Finally, I'm in the process of rewriting and expanding the character bios, although not all of them have been altered yet. Oh, and Pantariste's age has been retconned just slightly, for reasons that probably won't matter for another five chapters.

Come back on Friday when... look, I can't think of a good way to trail the next comic without giving away what happens. So just come back on Friday. Please?
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