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  55 - War Stories: Cyrene's Tale  
  War Stories: Cyrene's Tale  
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  30/11/07 Consign their parts most private to a Rutland tree!  
Once again, I struggle to convey motion. But considering the complexity of this comic, I think it turned out okay. The next comic is more complex, and I have less time to do it! Yay!

These little flashbacks were originally going to be part of a cutaway during the first chapter, but I decided to postpone them as I thought it would slow down the story, and also I wasn't too confident of my ability to draw a battle at that point. Well, I'm still not confident of that ability, and evidently with good cause. But on the whole, I think they work better here than they would have elsewhere.

On a sort-of-related note, our very own Ekphobippe is mentioned in not one but two articles on the TVTropes wiki. If you haven't seen it, it's a site that compiles articles on plot devices, character archetypes and so on... not just on television, but in other forms of fiction too. It's flattering to have the comic mentioned, and it's also got me a good number of hits. It surprised me a little that Ekphobippe of all people got such attention, given that until recently she'd only been in a handful of comics... but on the other hand, she does take a lot of her cues from modern-day television. Sailor Moon is still modern, right?

Come back on Monday for high drama, as we are told the last of the War Stories...
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