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  53 - War Stories: Queen Hippolyte's Tale  
  War Stories: Queen Hippolyte's Tale  
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  23/11/07 (ish) An Amazon needs a Corinthian like a Siren needs a... moped?  
The people who read this comic are pretty awesome. I just want to make a note of that now, so that I can refer back to it in the future, when I'll resent all of my fans due to having sold out in the manner of all successful webcomic artists. Ho ho! Only kidding, successful webcomic artists! Please link to me... :(

Anyway, the comic. Today's was a huge job, because it involved drawing a lot of stuff I don't have a great deal of practice with... namely men, food and carnage. I really, really struggle when it comes to drawing men well/consistently/at all. I also struggle at making male characters look different from each other. And since all the men featured so far in this comic have been wearing helmets, I can't even do the Ken Akamatsu trick of drawing the same face over and over again, but with different hairstyles. So now you know the real reason why I decided to draw a comic about Amazons... It was to avoid having to draw men all the time.

Come back next time when it'll be Ekphobippe's turn to reminisce...
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