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  52 - Return of the Queen  
  Return of the Queen  
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  19/11/07 The Tortoise and the Man  
The moral of this comic is that you should be nice to your slaves, because they'll eventually get their own back somehow. I hope the slave owners amongst my audience take note. It's nice to tackle modern-day issues sometimes...

I really didn't want to make a habit of these sparse updates. The reason for them is a combination of illness, real-life tedium that I won't bore you with, and my own special self-destructive urge to procrastinate more when something's already horribly overdue. One day I may discover a practical use for this trait, but I'm not holding my breath.

In other news, it seems that musician and testicle-faced goblin Mick Hucknall has finally announced that his dreary pop band, Simply Red, are to split up. He says this is due to file-sharing, which is the best evidence I've seen so far that file-sharing really is a good thing. I don't think he's really thought his argument through, though: he seems to be assuming that file-sharers in general would actually want to download any of his music, or would even know who he is. Most Simply Red fans (who do exist, despite all rational thinking) are well over forty, and probably don't even own a computer, let alone know the intricacies of file-sharing. Klaus Wunderlich is probably more likely to be pirated than this bland, sunken-eyed gnome.

That's my rant over for this update. What will the next one be? Right now, I'm torn between the two highly contentious issues of "The Anglican Church and its stance on homosexuality" and "How I still can't afford a Nintendo DS". Be there or be... at another place.
  Just once, I'd like to make a dramatic exit that didn't involve a life-threatening explosion.  
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