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  5 - Slave to the Nicety  
  Slave to the Nicety  
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  25/05/07 While you were out at the Rollright Stones, I came and set fire to your shed.  
  There's a part of me that feels the need to apologise for introducing another three characters when we're only up to strip five. The strip was always going to have a large cast - indeed, that was one of the ideas that sparked the comic, that it should be about a whole community of Amazons - but I'm aware the character-to-content ratio may be a little startling to new readers right now. On the other hand, there's a part of me that thinks: "Well, Ken Akamatsu got away with it". Indeed, Negima has a ridiculously huge cast, most of whom were there from day one. Evidently, these characters were designed using Akamatsu's tried-and-tested method of drawing the only three faces he knows, again and again, and varying the hairstyles. Actually, the guy has already got away with far, far worse in his career than having a few too many characters, but I'll save my Love Hina rant for another day...

Anyway, you'll find the strip's newest characters have been added to my increasingly Negima-sized Cast page. Another new addition to the site can be found in the Archives: Yes indeed, we now have a shiny search engine powered by OhNoRobot. Incidentally, like RSSPECT, this is a Ryan North innovation - he of the ever-wonderful Dinosaur Comics. I will grant you that the search engine is currently of limited use, given the current size of the archives... but just you wait. In a few months, all the cool kids will be using it. Cool kids like sites about Amazons, right?
  Beat it, shortarse. This bit of the plane's private.  
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