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  48 - Natural Born Amazon  
  Natural Born Amazon  
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  22/10/07 Sprite on  
Well, I promised something quite cute, and here it is...

EssAndrodameiaPantaristeHippolyteEkphobippeCyreneMelanippeDeinomacheBelanidiKerasiBerikokoThe Beast

These sprites were made using bases from Azha, a wonderful resource for sprite art (particularly if you're a Sailor Moon fan). As for the purpose of these sprites: I'll be using them on the comic pages as quick links to the relevant character sections, in a system inspired by (that is, stolen from) Girly. I'll be revamping the character pages too over the next few weeks.

Anything else? Well, there's not much I have to say about today's comic, except that I'm pretty sure the phrase "Someone's kid is in my fish" has never been uttered before in the English language. If it has been, I'd be most interested to know the circumstances.

  I'm almost certain I'm being followed by a monk. On horseback. From outer space.  
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