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  44 - The Nature of the Beast  
  The Nature of the Beast  
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  08/10/07 Pull back and reveal  
You know, after all that build-up, I'm not that keen on how the art in this comic turned out. Still, it's always good to get major plot twists officially out in the open. Especially for me. I'm very bad at keeping spoilers to myself, and I was constantly on the verge of dropping some broad "hint" that would have ruined the surprise. Oh, but the next story arc will have some even bigger plot twists... I will have to take out a gagging order on myself.

I know that the Beast has been quite a popular character (well, to the extent that any character from an obscure comic with a tiny readership can be popular), and I hope she'll continue to be, despite the change in appearance. And one little spoiler that I don't mind dropping is that we may not have seen the last of her silhouette form, either...

When I have some time to go through my old designs, I'll post some pictures on the forums to show how the Beast developed over time, from vaguely catlike child to Anatolian Chupacabra...
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