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  40 - I Want Ewe   
  I Want Ewe  
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  24/09/07 And now I have this urge to listen to the Utah Saints...  
As they'd say over at Suburban Senshi, "Benny Hill music: begin!"

Ah, Benny Hill. You wacky old sexual predator, you...

And speaking of farce, my computer's video card, which I was complaining about a few years ago, seems to have edged yet closer to death. It's pretty evident now that I'm going to have to replace it, but it's going to have to wait until I've acquired the funds/time/inclination/bravery to do so. So hello to you, little graphical glitches. We'll be seeing each other for some time, I fear...
  The war situation has developed not necessarily to our advantage.  
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