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  4 - Oshioki yo!  
  Oshioki yo!  
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  21/05/07 "Copying" is the new "being original"  
  Well, are you impressed? I managed to hold out until Comic 4 before inserting a Sailor Moon reference. Unless you consider the title itself to be a Sailor Moon reference too. Which it is, kind of. But hey, at a time when every other comic seems to be referencing the movie 300, I feel that this makes me almost original. But, you know, original in the sense that I'm still copying from somewhere else.

Seriously, this is probably one of the few comics where a 300 reference might actually be justified and logical, since it's set in vaguely the same era (well, okay, give or take a hundred years here or there) and relatively close to Sparta. To be honest, I wouldn't really mind these references if they weren't all basically the same damn joke. It might raise a smile now, but in a few years, people are going to be looking at those comics and scratching their heads. Much better to reference a 15-year old anime series aimed at small girls instead. Yep, that'll have them rolling in the aisles...

Incidentally, a lot of these early comics were drawn out of order: this was actually the second one to be drawn, which accounts for some of the odd text spacing and the unusual (i.e. rubbish) artwork. The soldiers in particular are quite badly drawn, although I suppose I do like the two pictures of Ekphobippe doing her magical girl-style pose. For some reason, Ekphobippe is a particularly enjoyable character to draw. I've no idea why this should be the case, but I just know that she's more fun to draw than, say, Hippolyte or Pantariste. It's a mystery, although I suppose I should just put it to one side, as I'm going to be drawing all of them a hell of a lot for the next few years. Oh God, what have I let myself in for?

One more thing: further to my discussion of Amazon myths in the previous news post, here are some sites where you can read more about them. I used both of them when I was researching stuff to put in the comic. Wikipedia also has a decent article on the subject of Amazons, but since there's now a webcomic on the subject, I wouldn't be surprised if it was deleted soon...
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