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  39 - Pantariste vs the Beast  
  Pantariste vs the Beast  
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  21/09/07 The obligatory "look at my strange search engine queries" post  
Looking through the various search engine queries that have led unsuspecting fools to this site is like peering into a whole world of frustrated desires and expectations. These hits can be divided roughly into three categories: people looking for porn, people looking for stuff about Greek mythology, and people who are looking for stuff entirely unrelated to this comic but somehow ended up here anyway. Incidentally, the first category contains a subcategory, which is "people who are looking for porn, but are unable to spell 'hentai'". These people are invariably directed to the news post for Comic 15, in which I made fun of somebody who was unable to spell 'hentai'.

The porn-slash-mythology hits are entertaining in themselves, as I am a cruel, black-hearted individual who enjoys imagining the disappointed masturbators/academics who find themselves inexplicably directed to a dumb comic. But it's the third category that fascinates me the most. I can't imagine how the person searching for best rock songs of the past 10 years ended up here, but end up here they did. Likewise, akamatsu hairstyles, weeing in public and funky cancerbean. I can only hope that I offered sufficient information on the skara brae sewage system, and meanwhile, I think I may have hit upon a genuinely popular innovation given the two separate hits I got for sexy operas.

Still, it's reassuring to know that some people, if only by accident, get exactly what they were looking for. I'm looking at you, person who searched for ugly comic...
  4chan is the cancer that's killing 4chan.  
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