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  38 - Strike Two  
  Strike Two  
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  17/09/07 Vindication!  
A while ago, I mentioned that my favourite characters always seem to get the shaft in the worlds of video games and anime. Well, for once it seems that things have actually gone my way. There is a particular pair of characters who I feared I'd never see again, but rumours of their icy deaths have evidently been greatly exaggerated.

Ice Climbers! YES.

Yes, let joy be unconfined (there's nothing worse than confined joy). The Ice Climbers will be returning in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There had been talk of them being left out of the new game, and although I didn't want to believe it, it seemed plausible. They didn't have virtually any following pre-Smash Bros., and nor were they amongst the game's more popular characters. But they made the game for me, with their ability to catapult each other out of danger, and the crazy combo moves the pair of them could pull off. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything cute, and if you don't find the idea of a pair of tiny, fur clad, seal-clubbing, vegetable-hunting Eskimos cute, then I'm sorry, but you're dead inside.
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