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  36 - Sheep Tactics  
  Sheep Tactics  
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  10/09/07 You killed my brother! I mean, my computer!  
My computer, which is just over a year old, has just developed an interesting quirk. The Windows startup screen has a few rows of glitched characters overlaid on top of it. And... that's it. Well, there was an occasional glitch troubling the mouse cursor, but I managed to fix that by fiddling about with hardware acceleration. Now, I don't know what to make of this. Not just in a technical capacity (which should be obvious), but also... should I be worried about it? I mean, it isn't really affecting anything. The machine's still running the same as ever. But even with my limited experience of computing, I know that if something is messing up prior to Windows even loading, you're generally in trouble. Still, since no amount of system-restoring or driver-reinstalling has made the slightest bit of difference, I suppose I'll just be living with it for now...
  I don't want a graphic of a skier made of Lego!  
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