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  34 - Better Left Unsaid  
  Better Left Unsaid  
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  03/09/07 Countrycide  
Somebody on one of the comics forums I occasionally post on in the hopes of attracting some visitors (it doesn't work) recently asked to be pointed towards comics that were "distinctively British". Woo, I thought. I am a British citizen and thus my comic is British. But then I realised that, well, there might not be a lot that's British about it, apart from the author. The art is mainly Japanese-inspired, the story has its roots in Greek legend, and it's set in Turkey. This comic is as British as lederhosen. But there may be some hope in retaining my comic citizenship, as today's comic features somebody dressed as a sheep. Dressing people as farm animals is a staple of tiresome British farce. Were I to continue in this vein, the next comic would see Ess being chased by an amorous ram... so it's just as well that I won't be doing that. Sorry, farce fans. And sorry to you too, bestiality fans. Given some of the stranger Google hits I've been getting, I'll wager that there are at least some of you lurking in the wings.

Meanwhile, I've started posting some of my very early character sketches in yonder forums. So if you'd like to see what my first ideas for the Amazoness! cast were, get your arses over there. And the rest of you as well. It is very difficult to browse and post on the Internet using only your arse, although it is possible, as 4chan consistently proves.
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