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  32 - You Have One New Massage  
  You Have One New Massage  
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  27/08/07 Artless. It is a pun, do you see?  
Regular readers, if I have any, might recall that Queen Hippolyte's preferred massage technique is not to be applied without due caution...

I'm quite pleased with Berikoko's expressions in this comic, although she really does look genuinely distressed when she's being led off by Deinomache. It's either genuinely harrowing, or comedy. Perhaps they are the same thing. Wait, no, that's clearly nonsense. They are obviously very different concepts.

Deinomache is, you might not be surprised to know, the character I struggle with drawing the most. She's incredibly difficult to draw consistently. Manga-style art, which my comic could be very loosely described as, doesn't feature a lot of old people, so I didn't have a lot of references to draw upon when I was trying to design her character. Even after I got the face roughly right, the hair was proving to be impossible. So I came up with the hood, in tribute to one of the very few great old ladies of anime - Captain Magno Vivan from Vandread. Incidentally, Vandread is a series I'd highly recommend, if you're able to look past the fanservice. Beyond the improbable female figures and the occasional dive into "oops, I seem to have accidentally embedded my face between your boobs"-style farce, there's a charming and intelligent story about racism and tolerance. And despite the prominence of the aforementioned improbable female figures, there are a few women who you wouldn't find in your typical harem anime series: as well as the arse-kicking old lady, Magno, we have Parfet Balblair, the epitome of nerdiness (who rather pleasingly gets romantically involved with the show's only genuine bishounen) and the indescribably wonderful Gascogne Rheingau, who is quite possibly one of the butchest women in the history of anime. To be honest, the presence of a butch girl alone is usually enough to get me watching a series...

My last post and its attempts to encourage people to join the forums led to a flood of quite literally no new members at all. How embarrassing. Fortunately, I really enjoy humiliating myself in public. What other motivation is there for starting a webcomic?
  So I go to the toilet in your wicker chair. It's a faux pas...  
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