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  31 - Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?  
  Animal Vegetable, Mineral?  
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  24/08/07 Commentary 55378008  
I'm updating a bit late today. Don't worry though: this isn't the beginning of a terminal slide into inactivity and weeks between updates. Webcomic tradition dictates that I must first build up a large, dedicated following before I can start pointedly ignoring them. So, this comic is safe for a good long time to come, I would think...

Anyway, I want to put aside the recent trend for crude, wee-based humour and discuss something far more mature and sophisticated: the subject of breasts. Someone recently pointed out in the shoutbox that there's a story regarding Amazons removing one of their breasts to make it easier for them to use a bow (or javelin, depending on the version of the myth you subscribe to). The story goes that the Amazons did this mad thing, and that's where they got their name from, since 'Amazon' can mean 'without breast' in Ancient Greek. It does seem that the later Ancient Greeks did indeed hold this view, but the consensus nowadays is that the etymology is actually the other way around: the Greeks weren't sure where the word 'Amazon' actually came from, so they picked up on one of the potential meanings of the word, and developed a story to go with it.

In developing this comic, I've dipped into various legends concerning the Amazons. A lot of them contradict each other, so I've generally just adopted the parts I felt would work well with the story. The breast-removal thing wasn't something I was ever keen on including: aside from its suspect origins, I did feel that ritual mutilation was perhaps a slightly tricky subject for a mainly humour-based comic (unlike the whimsical topics of war, misandry and slavery, of course). And quite aside from that, the story is just completely ludicrous. I mean, who'd do it? When you're having to chop off body parts in order to use your weapon properly, it's probably time you thought about finding a different type of weapon.

If you'd be interested in discussing breast removal and other fun things in more detail, why don't you join the forum? I'll tell you why you don't: it's because there aren't many people posting in there, and it looks a bit dead. But go on, join the forum. It'll be good. At some point over the next few weeks I'm going to develop some brilliant incentive for joining. So if you join now, before the inevitable tidal wave of new members, in years to come you'll be able to refer to yourself as the 'old guard'. You'll be able to boss newbies around, and complain about how this place has really gone downhill recently. Newer members will treat you with deference, although they'll view you with hidden disdain. Wait a minute, that sounds horrible.
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