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  29 - Arguably Trivial Pursuit  
  Arguably Trivial Pursuit  
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  17/08/07 Battersea Odyssey  
Those of you who've given more than a cursory glance to previous comics will know that I'm not really a "backgrounds" person. I'm trying to put more effort into them, but they take me twice as long to draw as the characters, they're three times as fiddly, and yet they're the part of the comic that people spend the least time looking at. So, as part of my drive to put more time and thought into backgrounds, the first panel of today's comic was always going to be a big, scenic piece where you get to see what the centre of Themiskyra really looks like. It did indeed take ages to draw, but I'm not massively thrilled with how it turned out. Oh well, another thing I can put down to experience. And just to show that I'm still a lazy artist at heart... hooray for characters remaining frozen in the same poses for comic effect!

This week I managed to get hold of a copy of the new Super Furry Animals album, Hey Venus! As has long been the tradition, it's really very good indeed. I mean, there's a song on there called Baby Ate My Eightball. That alone is worthy of numerous awesome points. The Super Furries are fairly unique amongst bands that I like, in that some other people like them too. So I encourage you to investigate the new album: there's at least a reasonable chance that you won't hate it.
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