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  10/08/07 Our princess is in another continuity!  
Wow, this comic was a pain in the arse to finish. I completed the art a little earlier than usual, but what with all the different backgrounds (I'm trying to make a bit more effort with backgrounds now, even if some of them are recycled from earlier comics...), it ended up taking ages to put together. It didn't help that I'd horribly underestimated the amount of text I had to fit into the comic. Admittedly, I've done that with every single comic I've ever produced, but this time I did it to an even more stupid extent. That said, I think the comic ultimately turned out pretty well. Artistically, it might just be my favourite so far. Also, The Beast, whose design I kept tweaking right up until I posted the previous comic, seems to be working okay. Apologies to anyone who was expecting something truly grotesque and horrifying, but I'm afraid those things don't really fall within the range of my art. So I hope you're not too disappointed that the Beast of Themiskyra seems to be a cute little grinning thing.

Ess' dream sequence in this comic - particularly the bits where she's Queen - got me thinking about how odd it must be to be an heir to a monarchy. Your whole life would be building up to the point where you ascend to the throne and take on your predestined duty... but you can only do this once the previous monarch, your mother or father, is dead. Thus, it would be impossible to look forward to being monarch without feeling guilty, and actually becoming monarch would most likely be a thoroughly miserable process conducted while in a state of mourning. I suppose this is one of the reasons why so many royal families in the real world are so bloody weird.

To those of you residing in republics, let me say this: monarchies are thoroughly disappointing. Fantasy books and video games tell us that princes and princesses are a versatile, exciting lot, forever going on adventures, getting kidnapped, uncovering conspiracies and leading uprisings on behalf of the people. Well, I can't speak for the rest of the world's royalty, but not one of the British royal family has ever dueled with bandits or embarked upon a lengthy quest to explore mystical ruins. The most they can stretch to is opening day-care centres and indulging in recreational adultery.

Perhaps it was different in the past. Royals did seem more willing to get their hands dirty in days gone by, leading troops into battle and so on. I wonder who the last reigning monarch to actively participate in a battle was? You'd probably have to go back quite a few centuries to find one. I'd like to see a return to those days: let's put the adventure back in the royal family! Never mind debating whether that red-faced turnip Prince Harry should serve in Iraq... let's send the Queen out there to lead the troops herself. In a suit of armour.
  Ironic thing, irony.  
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