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  21 - Rude Awakening  
  Rude Awakening  
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  20/07/07 I love the smell of nerddom in the morning...  
Today's comic is dedicated to my brother, who has an alarm clock so loud that it's capable of waking me up, at the other end of the house, without eliciting the tiniest response from him. This might not seem too impressive until you consider that I used to sleep through my own alarm clock, which in turn managed to wake up other people in nearby rooms... so I'm a fairly heavy sleeper myself. Alas, it seems that I'm not the heaviest. That's another dream I'll have to abandon, I suppose, although I do wish my brother well in his pursuit of the title.

It's funny how your ambitions fall away. I remember back in my teenage years, when my main goal in life was to collect every single one of the Deep Space Nine VHS tapes (yes: I was that cool as a teenager). I never even got close, of course, and thus was never able to fully admire that extremely long, narrow space scene you got when you put all of the cases in a line... a scene which, I should add, was profoundly implausible, as it featured certain things, such as the station, more than once. Ah, to return to a simpler time, and to my simpler dreams. Actually, I bet I could probably pick up those tapes for about 10p each now. I'll just have to build an extension onto the house so that I can store them.
  The spirit of the age is perhaps summed up by the Pussycat Dolls' horrible song, "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot like Me?" Well, what I don't wish is that my girlfriend was boastful like you, you stuck-up hussy.  
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