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  20 - Hey, It was Worth a Try...  
  Hey, It was Worth a Try...  
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  16/07/07 Come for the lamentable art, stay for the lamentable story!  
As if my rant about spammers last time (composed while half-asleep, and thus a little less than eloquent) wasn't enough, I've put up a shoutbox on the front page. These things can be spam magnets, so I'll get rid of it if it becomes unmanageable, but it's something I've been wanting to try for a while. So if you like today's comic - or if, conversely, you think I'm over-abusing Paint Shop Pro 7's 'grass' picture tube and should draw some real backgrounds instead - leave a message. Or 'tag', as I believe the young people call them.

But that's not all! If you're vexed by some of the odd names in Amazoness!, and you've wondered how they're supposed to be pronounced, there's a new pronunciation guide for your perusal. As well as a written guide, we have audio files featuring the voice of the lovely Tazzy. I'd like to thank her for doing this, and saving you all from the horrible, horrible alternative, which was my own soulless, stalker-esque voice...
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