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  2 - Those Who Can't  
  Those Who Can't  
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  14/05/07 Choosing Your Masters  

Well, the last few days have seen a constant blur of activity here at Amazoness! HQ (a studio atop a sleek tower in London's fashionable West End... oh, alright then. It's an abandoned Ford Escort on a municipal waste dump). I've been doing my best to link to this comic, my pride and joy, in all those places that webcomic readers congregate. Places like... uh... the Internet.

Amazoness! is now a member of the Subculture of One clique, hence the stylish banner you can see above this news section, advertising one of the clique's other comics and/or comic-related sites. Many of these are sites I hadn't seen before joining, and on the whole, they're a pretty cool bunch. Of course, since I'm a member too now, I'll have to work hard to avoid letting the team down...

Above the banner are some of those ubiquitous and intrusive "VOTE FOR MY COMIX!!!1!" buttons that you all know and hate. I'd appreciate any votes you'd toss my way, especially as I'm currently so low in the rankings that a handful of votes would probably elevate me a couple of hundred places. I'm not going to be nestling betwixt the likes of Penny Arcade and VG Cats any time soon, or ever, but it would be nice to at least be in the upper half of the Sea of Abandoned Sprite Comics, where I'm currently languishing.

As you're probably aware, these rankings work by the following rationale: People vote for your comic, which pushes it higher in the rankings, which means more people see it. These people then vote for it, pushing you even higher in the ranking, thus exposing you to even more readers, and more votes. Eventually, we reach a point where everybody on the Internet is either looking at or voting for my comic. Nobody gets any work done. Businesses collapse, followed by economies and then the social order. Now, don't tell me that isn't an awesome image.

Update: We now have an RSS feed, courtesy of the awesome people at RSSPECT. Now you'll never have to miss another issue of Amazoness! Unless you get bored of it and unsubscribe. Or your computer breaks. Or you swear off the Internet and go and live under a tree. I hope you don't go and live under a tree. Wait, come back!

  When I'm old enough to know better, gonna be far too old to care.  
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